This training and course is based off Volume One of the Sanctification manual above, a 192-page textbook that reveals secrets of true holiness; why the glory of God has departed and how to recover it back into every aspect of personal life and society including church, marriage, finances, health, national governance and spiritual well-being.

You will learn many things about recovering from curses, establishing altars, personal and corporate manifestation of God’s tangible presence, working with angels to guide, prosper and protect; and how to access dimensions of divine power, wisdom and wealth.

Volume One of the manual is totally FREE and available to download once you join the online course, and it is available in both digital and paperback format. You must however arrange for delivery of paperback copies at your own cost.

Volume One of this book has been made freely accessible so that all may be blessed. You may support this by making a donation. or using the ORDER BOOK button below, which will take you to a page to order for less than a dollar (3 GHS).

Watch this radio interview about the book.

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